50 câu trắc nghiệm ôn thi vào lớp 10 môn tiếng Anh

Chào mừng bạn đến với 50 câu trắc nghiệm ôn thi vào lớp 10 môn tiếng Anh. Bạn có 60 phút để trả lời các câu hỏi, chọn các câu trả lời và nhấn Gửi bài thi Sau khi bạn hoàn thành, hệ thống sẽ tự động hiển thị kết quả bài thi của bạn. 

1. He admitted not _____________ his colleagues well.

2. What will you do to earn _____________?

3. The dance club ___________ Mai often goes to will be doing a performance this Christmas.

4. He suggests that mothers _____________ are employed full-time will not be able to give their children enough care and attention.

5. She is skilled at _____________ cloth.

6. This laptop is much more user-friendly, but it costs ___________ the other one.

7. Lan couldn’t decide ___________ to work with on the project.

8. All the best theatres and restaurants are ___________ within a few minutes' walk of each other.

9. Do you know who’s _____________ his pottery workshop?

10. Peter can just about get ____________ in German.

11. Astronomy studies _______ and objects in it like the Moon and the Sun.

12. This city has one of the most ___________ underground rail networks in the world.

13. Factories and offices should be built in ___________ areas only.

14. Nam didn’t know ________ to find more information about the course.

15. In the future, men and women _____________ equal roles in society.

16. I said that I remembered _____________ with him in a handicraft village, but he said I was mistaken.

17. ___________ I was talking to my teacher, my friends were waiting outside the classroom.

18. Would you like to live in a modern house or a(n) ___________ cottage?

19. I have _________ older brother and ____ younger sister.

20. The book ______ Amelie is reading now is about the Big Bang theory.

21. If you want to stay slim and healthy, you _________ reduce the amount of fast food you eat every day.

22. Sound symbolism means that we often ____________ the meaning of a word from its sound.

23. The station building used to be a high wooden _____ with a curved roof.

24. It's a great experience to be sitting comfortably in a ___________ pulled by someone through the ancient streets.

25. The garlic sausage is also sold pre-packed in _________.

26. In winter, many Swedes travel to a country ___ there’s a lot of sunshine.

27. My grandfather is the ___________ oldest artisan in the village; Ngoc’s grandfather is the oldest.

28. A ___________ is a solid figure or object, made by carving or shaping wood, stone, clay, etc.

29. All food products should carry a list of _________ on the packet.

30. Beyond 2030 is a forum _____________ allows students to share their vision of the future.

31. ‘The cinnamon buns ___________ my mother makes are the best in the world!’ he said.

32. If you like, I can _____________ flowers on the cushion covers for you.

33. ___________ she’s young, she’s the most famous artisan in the village.

34. Today’s cities are ___________ than cities in previous times.

35. In this town, they _____________ all the frames in steel.

36. These red buttons are only used in case of _____________.

37. The new sports ___________ has six tennis courts.

38. It is important to decide if promotion should be based on merit or ____.

39. He spoke a ____________ of French that we found hard to understand.

40. The paintings ____ Mr. Brown has in his house are worth around £100,000.

41. Most tourist attractions in London charge an admission __________.

42. She spoke English with a(n) ____________ that I couldn’t understand.

43. The flower was _____________ out of a single piece of valuable wood.

44. I’m interested in doing ________ so I can stay at home in the evening.

45. I can have a conversation in Italian, but I’m a ____________ rusty.

46. Travellers are advised to find an alternative _____ during road repairs.

47. Louis Lassen, _____________ made and sold the first hamburger, was an American chef from Connecticut.

48. Will lessons ever ________ in places other than traditional classrooms?

49. ___________ they moved to the city five years ago, they still remember living in a small town.

50. All _____ must complete a visa form upon arrival at Singapore airport.

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